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XL Downtube Removable Battery Pack - Reention DP9

XL Downtube Removable Battery Pack - Reention DP9

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Removable Downtube Battery

This is the largest available downtube battery for 18650 cells. It holds 91 cells, which allows for a maximum of 48V 24.5AH with 3500mah cells (Samsung 35E).

It can also hold for 52V a max of 21AH, or 36V a max of 31.5AH.

Even a 72V pack with 14AH can cram into this pack !

The 4 Bolt mounting plate is very robust. 

Measurements can be seen in photos.

We are using 3 different cells;

Samsung 30Q - (HD) High Discharge (3000mah 15A)
Great for high output applications (1000W-3000W)

Samsung 35E - (HR) High Range (3500mah 10A)
Great for highest possible range with moderate output applications (<1500W)

Samsung 33G - Eco - (3200mah 10A)
Lowest cost economical cell for moderate output applications