Norco Shore Downhill Bike with a Bafang BBS02 Mid Drive and 48V 9.6ah Side mounted batteries (48V19.2ah combined)

A busy shop, 350W rear motor and 52V16ah battery makes for an affordable and high range setup


Roberta's bike, with a 3D Printed Battery Base that hugs the curvature of the tube, so the battery is rock solid in place


Jamis modified for comfort (tall set handlebars) with front 350W motor, 52V16ah Battery


Jesse's Bike, BBS02 with 52V16ah Battery. Looks great!


Tanner's Builds (him and his wife), well done!!

Catrike Villager with Tongsheng TSDZ2 Mid Drive and Slim Pack 48V Battery strapped beautifully underneath (well done Brian!)

Al's TSDZ2 Mid Drive and 52V16ah Battery Pack

One of the best mods to any tricycle is the front wheel conversion kit


Brian's Gentlemen's Speedster Build (nicely done!)


Converted Specialized Hardrock, 52V16ah, 500W rear geared motor


Marni's Sweet ride!! 36V 500W Rear Geared Motor with 36V Slim Pack

Stealthy E-MTB

John's Electra Townie

Ronnie's Dual Battery Setup (48V21ah)


Garrie's conversion, nicely done!!

Electra Delivery now gone Electric!


Dan's Tongsheng TSDZ2 Build!


Jurek's Mid Drive Conversion (TongshengTSDZ2 with Slim Pack 48V)


Dave's 700c Specialized bike!

Jay's Dual Suspension 3KW DH Build! VERY Fun, maybe a little too fast? (70+km/hr)



Adam's Schwinn Biggity Fat Bike! What a sweet machine!!


Rudy's Recumbent using the GMAC rear motor, Grin Phaserunner, and Cycle Analyst. Sweet setup!!


Charmaine's Converted Bike! 700C kit with 48V Slim Pack Battery

Wes' Bike, multi voltage compatible so he can still use his 36V battery on the rear rack from his old bike when his 48V battery runs out!


An updated shot of the Storm Troopers (Norco Storm Framed EBikes)
One is running a 72V controller to a statorate cooled rear direct motor, and the other is running a high current 48V to its rear cooled hub as well.
The 72 is the fastest E-Bike I've been on, holy crap. Turned current down to half and still FAST!

Hayley's new ride. Enjoy!! 


Budget Friendly Trek Front Wheel Conversion 



Bill's "Michael Blaster - Greaser" E-Bike
Modified for Higher Top Speeds + More Power




Catherine and Laverne's Norco "Storm Troopers"
Capable of nearly 3000 Watts Peak! These are some fun machines for sure


Stuart's OSF (Open Source Firmware) TSDZ2 Mid Drive Conversion! Hauling the trailer with that thing!  

Ralph's Bike! Keeping him 75 years young


Andre's Beast of a machine! 48V 17.5ah 1000W Rear Direct Drive Motor


Andres Norco

Seans setup, 700c with the 48V 10.5ah Battery, 1000W Rear Motor


Young Wil's Bike, dual 48V10.5ah (for 21ah combined) with 1000W Rear Direct Drive Motor


Trevors Norco Storm in FWD Mode (switching to rear drive)


Wes's Bike! Rear rack is able to mount his 36V battery, controller is both 36V and 48V compatible allowing an extra battery for long rides with the high speed of the 48V on hand at all times! 


Veronica's Bike, Bafang 500W Front Hub Motor Package, possibly our best deal yet!


Don's Bike. What a beast! One of the nicest builds we've done. Monstrous 48V 24.5ah Battery, Bafang 750W Mid Drive Motor, Trek Frame and Hydraulic Brakes. An absolute blast!!


Ann's new bike, her 2nd bike from!

Adam's bike bought for a birthday gift, hope she enjoyed it Adam!


Jack's Beast! 52V 1500W with built in controller

Kona Cinder Cone


Dan's Specialized Dual Battery Setup!

Dan's Specialized Dual Battery

Dan's Front Wheel Conversion

Janet's Rear Geared Hub Drive Bike!



Katie's Mid Drive Opus!


Zee's Electric Fat Bike

Rob's Rear Drive, 52V, Canadian Tire bike for $139 new (what a deal!)

The newest E-Moped

First Electric Trike with BIG battery setup

700C Hybrid Beauty

Tom's Bike

One of Tom's Bikes

Brian's Bike

Brian's bike, the first mid-drive (BBS01) and his home-made battery

An early build with 2 hoverboard batteries

First bike with Custom Battery enclosure

First bike with the 3D Printed Battery enclosure

Under the hood in the 3D Printed Enclosure

Tom's Other Bike

Tom's Other bike (that eventually went rear wheel drive)

Bike for Todd's wife

Todd's Wife's bike

Glenn's Bike

Glenn's Bike - First installed 29er  with KT LCD Display / Controller, nice combo!

3D Printed Case - Moped

Electric Moped - Super fun comfy bikes and low cost!

The bike that started it all! Notice the tiny hoverboard battery, we added another

The bike that started it all! Notice the tiny hoverboard battery, we added another

Second ever bike, first ever conversion

Second ever bike, first ever conversion, $400 for full conversion! Motor controller battery all in.

First Folding Electric Bike

First Folding Electric Bike Conversion 

First Fat Bike Conversion

First Fat Bike Conversion - 1000W Rear Hub Motor

 Gordon's Bike

Gordon's Bike, powerful rear hub with 52V Lithium Battery

Norco Shore with Double Shotgun Battery

Norco Shore with Double Shotgun Battery

Renauds Bike!

Renauds Bike!

Schwinn Deluxe Cruiser Build for Dave's sister-in-law

 Schwinn Deluxe Cruiser for Dave's sister-in-law

Sharon's Cruiser - Front Hub and 48V 10ah Battery - for the campsite!

Sharon's Cruiser - Front Hub and 48V 10ah Battery - for the campsite!

John's Cruiser also for the campsite!

John's Cruiser also for the campsite!

Maureen's converted Bike - 700C and 48V 10ah Battery

Maureens converted bike - 700C Motor and 48V 10ah Battery

Jamie's Mid Drive - BBS02 Bafang Conversion

Jamie's Mid Drive - BBS02 Bafang Conversion





More to come! Message us if you had your bike converted by us and you'd like to be featured in our Gallery!