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Underseat Battery - Clip ON/OFF for Saddle Mount

Underseat Battery - Clip ON/OFF for Saddle Mount

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XT90 (female)
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All of our batteries are protected by a 1-year warranty and 2 year limited warranty. Aside from physical or water damage, if anything goes wrong, we'll exchange or replace it for you hassle free!

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Underseat Saddle Mounted Battery

Easy to remove, and discreet, excellent for lower powered motor applications (ideally
500W and under)

Available with 18650 (Panasonic-Sanyo UR18650VAT) or 21700 cells (Samsung 50E 21700).

The Panasonic-Sanyo UR18650VAT is a great economical cell for ebikes, whereas the Samsung 50E is an excellent top-of-the-line cell with the latest improvements in battery technology.

Both are great options, but one could expect more longevity with the 21700 cells, but the 18650 is the more budget friendly option!

Make sure to choose your cable length, and connection type!