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Triangle Frame Bag Battery - All Voltages

Triangle Frame Bag Battery - All Voltages

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All of our batteries are protected by a 1-year warranty and 2 year limited warranty. Aside from physical or water damage, if anything goes wrong, we'll exchange or replace it for you hassle free!

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Triangle Frame Bag Battery

Tons of room for a big battery!

This is a great way to pack a lot of cells into a relatively small amount of space. Check the dimensions to see if it will fit your bike.

We can comfortably fit 84 cells in here, enough for a 52V 30AH pack using 5000mah cells (Samsung 50E or equivalent).

We use cell holders / BMS / Pure nickel / thoughtfully routed wiring and pad the exterior of the battery so these packs are as safe as possible.

Many configurations to choose from, from 36V - 72V.

This listing includes a standard charger (3A) and standard BMS (40A continuous output). Can customize BMS and charger, as well as cell type, connectors , lead wire length at your request!

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