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Super Slim 48V 15AH - Dual Suspension

Super Slim 48V 15AH - Dual Suspension

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Introducing our Slim Pack designed specifically for dual suspension mountain bikes!

We knocked down the overall length of our original "Super Slim" pack and put the BMS on top at the back, allowing for a much larger and higher ouput capable BMS, and a 40mm reduction in height. This makes a huge difference in how many bikes this battery can fit onto!

We can now supply up to a max 60A continuous BMS for high current applications, or 40A for our standard applications.


BMS: DALY 40A Continuous
Charger Included : Yes, 48V 3Amp w Fan

Cells: Samsung 50E 21700 5000mah 10A
Configuration: 48V 15AH
Current: 30A continuous, 45A Peak
Applications : Great for 1500W applications and under

Available with other cells if desired (for example, high discharge cells for high power applications). Advanced users only.