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Smart Charger - 48/52V - Adjustable Current and Voltage

Smart Charger - 48/52V - Adjustable Current and Voltage

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Smart Charger for both 48V or 52V Applications! 2 Chargers in 1!

Finally a charger that has some smart features built in at an affordable price!

These smart chargers can operate a 48V (13S) battery with 54.6v output, or a 52V (14S) battery with 58.8V output.

On top of that, you can vary BOTH the VOLTAGE and the CURRENT!

Charge to only 80 percent or 90 percent to extend the overall lifespan of your pack!

Fast Charge at 5A to get back on the road and riding, or trickle charge at only 1A overnight to further lengthen the life of your pack!

To summarize, this charger can
- Switch between 48V and 52V
- Charge to 80 / 90 / 100 charge
- Charge between 1-5A current

As far as we are aware we are the only company offering these particular chargers in North America as of now. Other companies offer in 48v or 52v form, but not these 2-in-1 units.

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