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Radpower Controller / LCD8 Color Display Upgrade - 35A Controller Kit

Radpower Controller / LCD8 Color Display Upgrade - 35A Controller Kit

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In stock!

LCD Comes with Adapter for Rad Bikes!
Upgrade Kit for Radpower EBikes

Considerable Power Improvement!

Please note: User Error in Installation is not warrantied. We've had several customers now damage the connectors during installation. Be VERY careful during installation! 

- KT 48V 35A Controller
- KT LCD8H Display
- Adapter Cable (for Radpower Display port)

Please make sure this fits your bike prior to purchase!

From the internet, it appears these fit;
(Quotes pulled from Area13 EBikes)

"Plug and play for 2016-2018 Rover bikes. Please note that the controller has a tail light plug that will not be used. We do not recommend upgraded lights as it can burn up the headlight circuit.

Plug and play for 2019-2021 Rover models. (Up to Rover 5) (Not compatible with Rover 6)

Mini - Although also typically plug and play for 2018 and prior, this controller is substantially larger than stock and will not fit inside the frame or stock mounting locations.  May have a different battery plug.  Please check your bike and photos before ordering.

City or Wagon - Untested, but customers have reported it works well.  Setting adjustments may be required. Controller may not fit correctly. Additional mounting hardware may be required.

Rover 6 + - Does not work

Runner - Tested and working!

Runner Two - Customers have reported it is compatible.

Runner Plus - Tested and Working. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH 500 LUMEN STOCK HEADLIGHT.

Works with all European/Canadian models except Rover 6

Compatible with both 48v and 52 batteries.  (NOT recommended for 60v)

Dimensions: 7.5" x 3.25" x 1.75" 

LCD Settings;

Use these LCD settings

P1 = 100 

P2 = 5

P3 = 0 

P4 = 0 

P5 = 15 

C1 = 3 

C2 = 0 

C3 = 8 

C4 = 3 

C5 = 10 

C6 = 3 

C7 = 1

C8 = 0 

C9 = 0 

C10 = n 

C11 = 0 

C12 = 4 

C13 = 0 

C14 = 2