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QS205 V3TI 3000W - BIG POWER - Stealth Hub Motor

QS205 V3TI 3000W - BIG POWER - Stealth Hub Motor

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These beasts of a motor are as powerful as it gets in the 205mm (8in diameter) category. We run them at 10KW on our Stealth Enduro bikes with regenerative braking and they don't break a sweat.

Not as big as the QS273 but about half the weight, and that weight matters a lot when the motor is unsuspended (in the hub). QS273 motors are more likely to damage the rim if hitting a pothole due to their massive weight.

Description Taken from QSMotor:

Super High Powered Rear QS205 Motor.
People have been able to get 20kW out of these motors (with slight mods ie ferrofluid and hub sinks).

QS205 Spoke Hub Motor(50H) Rated 3000W V3 For Electric Bicycle Motorcycle

The 205 Spoke Hub Motor specially designed for Electric bicycle or Electric motorcycle, drum brake or disc brake type can be optional, speed can be customized from 25-100KPH

Motor Main Specification:

  • 1. Motor Type: BLDC Hub Motor with Permanent Magnet

  • 2. Motor design: Double axle out

  • 3. Spoke hole: 3.4mm x 36pcs

  • 4. Matching Rim:16inch-26inch

  • 5. Magnet Height: 50MM

  • 6. Pole Pairs: 16 Pairs

  • 32pcs Curved Magnets with "SH"(150Degree) Heat resistance Level

  • 7. Rated Power: 3000W

  • 8.Max. Power: 6000W

  • 9. Rated Voltage: 72V (Can be working from 48V-120V)

  • 10. Max Torque: 180N.M

  • 11. Max Efficiency: 88%

  • 12. Continious current:45A

  • 13. Max current:80A (Peak 100A in short time)

  • 14. Brake type: Disc brake

  • 15. Rear Fork width for installation: 150mm

  • 16. Winding Core material: Aluminium

  • 17. Cross Section of Phase wire: 10 mm2

  • 18. Hall sensor phasing angle: 120 degree

  • 19. Temperature Sensor: Optional

  • 20. Max. Working Temperature: 70 degree, Peak 120 degree

  • 21. Waterproof Grade: IP54

  • 22. Color: Black

  • 23. N.W./ G..W. : 14kgs / 15kgs

  • 24. Package Size: 34*34*33CM