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NEW - DOWNTUBE 21700 XL - DP-7-21700

NEW - DOWNTUBE 21700 XL - DP-7-21700

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All of our batteries are protected by a 1-year warranty and 2 year limited warranty. Aside from physical or water damage, if anything goes wrong, we'll exchange or replace it for you hassle free!

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Largest Downtube Battery!

Want to test fitment? Cutout template available here

This is currently the largest downtube battery pack available on the market! Allows to fill a pack with the latest and greatest in lithium-ion technology, the 21700 cells (started by the Tesla Model 3).

We have got our hands on these early, as these have just been released!

Fit up to 70 cells (21700) for possibilities such as (using Samsung 50E or equivalent). Now even offering an 80 cell 72V variant!!

36V 35AH
48V 25AH
52V 25AH
60V 20AH
72V 15AH
NEW!! 72V 20AH

Or High Discharge Packs for 3000W+ applications using the incredible Molicel P42A cell (or Samsung 40T cell)

36V 29.4AH HD (High Discharge)
48V 21AH
52V 21AH
60V 16.8AH
72V 12.6AH
72V 16.8AH

Chargers are included! 4A for 36V, 3A for 48V/52V , 2A for 60V, and 3A for 72V.

Batteries are built here in Hamilton!
The Samsung 50E Packs are rated for under 3000W (ideally 1500W and below). The Molicel P42A are rated for 3000W-6000W, as the cells are rated at 40A per cell.

DALY 40A continuous for up to 52V
DALY 60A continuous for High Discharge up to 52V
DALY 40A continuous for 16S (60V)
DALY 60A continuous for 20S (72V)
ANT Bluetooth 130A Peak BMS for 72V20AH and 72V 16.8AH

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