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NEW - 1KW Rear Hub Motor Kit MXUS XF40

NEW - 1KW Rear Hub Motor Kit MXUS XF40

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Standard Wind
High Speed Wind

Twist Throttle
Thumb Throttle

Magnetic Sensor (Stick-On)
Inline Cable Sensor
Brake Levers w Sensors

Basic Style (Universal)
Splined Type
2pc Disc w Snapring

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Introducing our newest 1KW Hub Motor Package!

This motor is made by MXUS, one of the top motor companies in the world. The XF40 is a tried and true motor that they have been producing for many years and the quality shows!

We are striving to provide a quality product at an affordable price point!

Our kits stand out with quality features like

- True 5 Level Pedal Assist
- Sine Wave Ultra Smooth / Quiet Controller
- THICK Stainless Steel Spokes and Nipples
- V-Brake and Disc Brake compatability
- All Waterproof Cabling
- LCD Display showing speed, assist, battery, odomoter, and more! (LCD5 Standard, can upgrade to larger center mount LCD3 and color LCD8

The power is delivered by a Sine Wave 35A Peak controller, and all info can be viewed on the LCD Display. This motor is in reality delivering over 1500W of "peak" power and can handle the abuse!

This kit comes with;

- 1KW Motor laced into the chosen rim size
- KT Sine Wave 35A Controller, All Waterproof Cabling
- KT LCD5 Stealthy Side mounted Display (can upgrade display as well)
- Choice of Throttle
- Choice of Brake Sensor
- Choice of PAS Sensor
- Motor Harness Cable (Allows for Front Light Plugin)
- Zip Ties

Please note, this controller is not compatible with a direct plug in rear light at this time.

Reach up to 40+km/hr on your ebike with ease! These motors can take a lot!