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Motor Only - 500W Rear (Freewheel) Geared Hub Motor

Motor Only - 500W Rear (Freewheel) Geared Hub Motor

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Replacement Motor for our 500W Geared Hub Conversion Kits

These are rear Freewheel Drive, not Cassette. 

These motors were specifically built for us by MXUS, they are a high speed winding allowing them to reach 35km/hr on 36V, and 50km/hr on 48V, 55+ on 52V.

These are a very robust motor, very beefy, can handle periods of power above 1000W. These are 500W continuous rated.

Rims are able to take V-Brakes, and hub motor supports disc brakes.

All STAINLESS STEEL thick 12GA Spokes. All black.

These are some seriously nice motors!