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Hard Shell Frame Bag Battery (18650)

Hard Shell Frame Bag Battery (18650)

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All of our batteries are protected by a 1-year warranty and 2 year limited warranty. Aside from physical or water damage, if anything goes wrong, we'll exchange or replace it for you hassle free!

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Frame Bag Battery, an improvement from our smaller variant!

This is the economical version using 18650 cells. For higher range (but higher price point) see our 21700 version of this bag

This unit is much more water resistant, and much larger in capacity, and has a much more secure mounting system.

Comes with multiple straps that can be placed where you choose around the pack.

Dual zipper (on on each side) means that the battery can be easily removed if you want to pull it off the bike.

All batteries come with 3A Charger, your choice of discharge cable.

Reccommended for 2000W applications and under. Each pack is equipped with a 40A DALY BMS.

ECO Cells = Sanyo UR18650VAT 3000mah 10A

Range = Panasonic NCR1865J2 3500mah 10A

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