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Frame Bag Battery - 36V / 48V / 52V

Frame Bag Battery - 36V / 48V / 52V

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All of our batteries are protected by a 1-year warranty and 2 year limited warranty. Aside from physical or water damage, if anything goes wrong, we'll exchange or replace it for you hassle free!

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Frame Bag Battery Pack

These Frame Bag Batteries are a great way to add a battery to an otherwise difficult-to-mount frame.

This is the same bag that is now coming standard with all of our conversion kits. Our customers have been enjoying these battery packs so far! 

Our batteries are built using the newer 21700 cells that are rated at 5000mah (5ah) per cell (Panasonic 21700A / BAK N21700CG / Samsung 50E depending on supply). These make for a very energy dense battery pack.

Available in 

36V 10amp-hour (10S2P)
36V 15amp-hour (10S3P)
48V 10amp-hour (13S2P)
52V 10amp-hour (14S2P)

Also now available in HIGH DISCHARGE formats for high power applications (1000W-3000W)

36V 8.4AH
36V 12.6AH
48V 8.4AH
52V 8.4AH

The Molicel P42A Cells are rated at 45A max per cell, so 8.4AH packs can deliver peak 90A and 12.6AH can deliver peak 135A. The BMS will be limited to 60A peak, if you need higher peak discharge please contact us before purchasing.

All Batteries come with a 3 Amp Charger.

These are a perfect battery if you want your bike to remain inconsipicuous (for example, with a mid drive motor).

Any questions feel free to ask! E-mail us at