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FAT Version - 120mm - SW102 1000W BBSHD 48V / 52V Bafang Mid Drive

FAT Version - 120mm - SW102 1000W BBSHD 48V / 52V Bafang Mid Drive

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The Beast of a Mid Drive, the BBSHD

With this mid-drive, you get the complete kit (minus battery) to turn your bike into a high performance machine. This includes;

1) Motor w 42T Chain Ring
2) Display
3) Throttle
4) Brake Levers / Sensors
5) Speed Sensor
6) Front Light
7) Installation Tool
8) Crank Removal Tool
9) Cable Ties
10) User Manual

This is the enthusiast's favourite motor.

Why you might ask?

1) It is highly universal (Any 68-73mm Bottom Bracket)
2) It is VERY powerful, high performance
3) VERY durable
4) Very efficient
5) Tuneable (via USB and Windows Program)
6) (For the Die Hards only, the motor itself is commonly used for 3000+W upgrades via different controllers ie ASI 855 or Grin Phaserunner)

For the longest time we did not sell these motors because we viewed them as "overkill" but then we started providing other high power options and that no longer made sense.

What you need to know

This will most likely fit your bike as long as;

1) Your bike is a fat bike with a 120mm Bottom Bracket 

2) Your front sprocket is not TINY (Ideally you have 1-2 chain rings up front and not just 1 small chain ring, otherwise there may be clearance issues).

Why this motor is for you;

1) You want the highest performance possible
2) You want the torque to climb essentially anything at all (any more torque and you run the risk of snapping your chain)
3) You want the option of travelling 50+km/hr on throttle alone (or pedalling, but with this motor can be done with just throttle).

Why this motor may not be for you

1) If you just want an "assist" motor to help you on the hills, this is overkill
2) If you don't ever expect to be travelling at high speed (>45km/hr) this is overkill
3) If you're looking for a budget-minded build

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