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FAT Front 500W Geared Hub Motor Kit

FAT Front 500W Geared Hub Motor Kit

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Wheel Size

Twist Throttle
Thumb Throttle

Magnetic Sensor (Stick-On)
Inline Cable Sensor
Brake Levers w Sensors

Basic Style (Universal)
Splined Type
2pc Disc w Snapring

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Care Instructions

Please Store Lithium Batteries between 30-70 Percent Charge

Do not Charge Batteries Below Freezing

Check Spokes Regularly for Tension

Components are Water Resistant, not Waterproof!

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They've FINALLY arrived!

26'' FAT 500W Front Hub Motor Kit

Easily convert most standard fat bikes into an eBike! (except those with a thru-axle).

These motors are very robust, they are made by MXUS which is one of the largest hub motor factories in the world. 

These motors operate on 36V or 48V, but 48V allows them to operate at their true potential.

Absolute top speed can be as high as 50+km/hr but you can easily set the top speed in the display to a more suitable 32km/hr or 40km/hr. Safety first!

This complete kit is everything you need to convert your bike to electric (except battery, full kit with battery can be found HERE)

- Beefy Geared 
- KT Sine Wave Black Controller 22A (36V / 48V compatible)
- Pedal Assist Sensor
- Throttle
- Brake Sensors
- LCD5 Side Mount Stealthy Display, shows everything you need to know
- All necessary cables

Front Motors are easy to install, and very convenient.


1) If you have an Aluminum Fork, use a torque arm! (use a magnet on your fork, if the magnet sticks, the fork is steel and you're okay without a torque arm).
The dropouts in an aluminum fork may snap under heavy load. Steel will bend, and flex, but aluminum tends to snap.

2) You MAY need to lightly file your dropouts, the axles are 10mm wide, some dropouts are around 9.5mm. This is usually NOT the case but it sometimes is, don't be afraid to file it down a little until the axle slides in.

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