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Spokes (Stainless Steel) 10-13G (Full Set)

Spokes (Stainless Steel) 10-13G (Full Set)

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Custom Spokes for your EBike Project

10G (2 weeks leadtime, custom order)
13 Gauge Available
12G Gauge Available

All black spokes, all black nipples
100% Stainless Steel!

We requested the strongest spokes and spoke nipples that we could get, so we have these 12G and 13G stainless spokes and high quality coated black brass 16mm spoke nipples!

The spokes are ROLLED (not cut!) This makes for a much more durable thread as no material is removed from the spoke.

Cut and rolled on our KOWA Spoke Cutter. 

Full Stainless Steel, very strong
Will never rust

Very high quality!
Brand : Richman Spokes (Taiwan), Pillar Racing Nipples (Taiwan)

Single spokes (up to 10) can be sent via letter mail to save on shipping costs. Above 10 they are too heavy for letter mail.