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Controller Package - Stealth Bomber - Potted KT 72V 60A 4000W Peak

Controller Package - Stealth Bomber - Potted KT 72V 60A 4000W Peak

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Complete Controller Package, for high output motors, especially Stealth Bomber Style Builds.

This is the most powerful controller made by KT (Kungteng) which is a major controller provider for Electric Bicycles. These controllers have a huge range of programmability directly through the display, and have an excellent pedal assist function that allows a Stealth Bomber style bike to be ridden like a true e-bike in pedal form.

This package includes

- KT Sine Wave 56-90V (72V) Controller, Fully Potted with Thermally Conductive Potting Compound (drastically improve reliability and fully waterproof)
- LCD8 Color Display
- Twist Throttle (or choose thumb if you prefer)
- Pedal Assist Sensor (KT V12R)
- Julet Waterproof Connector Harness to Handlebar (1T4)
- Magnetic Sensors for Hydraulic Brakes
- XT90 for Battery Connection
- XT150 For Phase Connections
- JST For Hall Sensor Connection

This plugs directly into our MXUS 3K Turbo Motors for Plug-And-Play operation!

This kit puts out an absolute max of 84V x 60A for a 72V battery , which is 5000W, but real results will be less. We consider this is a 3000W setup and 4000W peak.

Very cost effective with amazing performance !