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Compact Triangle (Hard Case) Battery - 36/48/52 Volt

Compact Triangle (Hard Case) Battery - 36/48/52 Volt

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Introducing our newest battery to the lineup, the compact hard case triangle battery!

Our customers have been requesting a high capacity battery capable of fitting into small frames, especially with dual suspension that have a triangle area but not a lot of room in it. Something strong and durable.

This triangle is what we have come up with, it is ultra-compact yet still can hold up to a 52V 15AH in it, while using cell holders to separate the cells, incorporates an LCD Display that shows battery percentage, ON/OFF switch, and multiple mounting methods.

This battery can be mounted as shown in photos via the Top and Bottom with straps directly to the frame, or it can mount on our Universal Mounting Plate that has dowels that hold the battery in place, and then just 1 secure strap around the battery (same base plate as our Slim Pack 2.0 batteries). 

Available in

52V 15AH (Samsung 50E) w 30A BMS
48V 15AH (Samsung 50E) w 30A BMS
48V 12.6AH High Discharge (Molicel P42A cells) w 60A BMS
36V 20AH (Samsung 50E) w 40A BMS

Includes Charger!