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Compact Triangle Battery (21700 cells)

Compact Triangle Battery (21700 cells)

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All of our batteries are protected by a 1-year warranty and 2 year limited warranty. Aside from physical or water damage, if anything goes wrong, we'll exchange or replace it for you hassle free!

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Compact Triangle Battery

Note: We can customize for you 
1) Connector Type (XT60 / Anderson / Bullet etc)
2) Connector Length

Please view pictures for measurements.

This is a very compact battery, able to fit a max of 52 cells, the most we can fit into this is 52 volt, 20 amp-hours, and it is a squeeze.

We are using brand name 5000mah 21700 cells (Panasonic 21700A / BAK N21700CG / Samsung 21700 50E depending on supply)

Comes with 3-Amp Charger, and can have discharge wire be your choice of length and connection.

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