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Brick Battery - 48V / 52V - Universal Base Plate!

Brick Battery - 48V / 52V - Universal Base Plate!

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Our newest battery which is basically an enlarged version of our Slim Pack 2.0

Fully designed and manufactured in Canada!

Packs are 13S3P and 14S3P configuration.

This allows for 48V / 52V 15AH

Available with 
Samsung 50E = For under 1500W Peak 
Samsung 50S = For under 2000W Peak
Molicel P42A = For under 2500W Peak
Molicel P45B = For under 3000W Peak

This pack uses the highest quality 21700 cells, a high output BMS with temperature monitoring / balancing / high and low voltage / overcurrent protection and more.

Battery percentage indicator gives you an exact idea of your battery range. XT90 Spark Arrestor panel mounted connector is an amazing high current connection. ON/OFF Switch for safety, and standard charge port accepts the most common chargers!

Dimensions are 14.5in long x 3.25 in wide x 3in tall. This can fit into many frames.

Works with our Universal Base plate! Connect to your existing water bottle holder bosses or strap to the frame (or both!). The battery casing has dowel slots that keep it from moving, and ridges for the velcro straps to seat into. Velcro straps included with purchase of the Baseplate.

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