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Brake Sensor - Hydraulic Adhesive - Waterproof Connection

Brake Sensor - Hydraulic Adhesive - Waterproof Connection

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Hydraulic Brake Sensor

Includes Magnet and Pickup, both of which are adhered to the Brake Lever (magnet) and Master cylinder (Pickup).

Installation requires the bike to be on, find the engagement point where the brakes are only engaged when lever is pulled in, adhere best with epoxy (5 minute epoxy, can be found at Dollarama). Hot Glue also worked, but requires a big application, black hot glue looks much better than clear.

Easiest method for adding E-Brake Sensors to Hydraulic Brakes

Also work great for Shimano Brake / Shift combination levers (Trigger Shift)

For other connection styles, please contact and we can solder on a different connection