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BBSHD ASI BAC855 Harness - Plug-n-Play!

BBSHD ASI BAC855 Harness - Plug-n-Play!

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Custom Professionally Manufactured Complete Plug and Play Harness for ASI BAC855 and BBSHD Integration. Also works with BBS02B but Phase plugins are Bullet connections (message us if needed)

Includes Phase Extension Wires and Main Harness

Allows Full Compatability of all connections from BBSHD Including
- Handlebar 1T4 Harness
- Gear Shift Sensor
- Speed Sensor
- Hall Sensor Plugin (behind controller)
- PAS Sensor Plugin (behind controller)

Does not include Light Plug
The Hall Sensor Plug needs to be glued into place (can unplug otherwise)

Cable Lengths: Designed to be able to  have flexible Mounting Options
- Phase Extensions are 400mm
- Main Harness is 500mm
- Speed Sensor Extension is 700mm