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ASI BAC8000 Advanced Motor Controller

ASI BAC8000 Advanced Motor Controller

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ASI BAC8000 Advanced Motor Controller

This is a common controller used for upgrades on systems such as the Sur Ron Lite Bee,  Stealth Enduro Style EBikes, and many others. Even electric dirt bikes and electric motorcycles run this controller with great success! It has the ability to run a torque sensor, uses FOC (Field Oriented Control) for its control algorithm which is super smooth and highly efficient. And it has a very high power capability for its size. These controllers are extremely smooth!

NOTE: These controllers must be setup for the motor by us. We can not just send you a controller, it will need to be programmed for your motor. This can be remotely, but please contact us before purchase.

These are awesome for custom projects but if you are looking for the lowest priced controller to get your EBike going, these are definitely a premium product.

Questions? Feel free to ask us at

Details from ASI's website below;


Nom. Voltage 36 - 72V Volts
Peak Current 840 A-DC
Auto Tuning Yes
Sensorless Start Adaptive
IP Rating IPx5 (with fully populated connectors)
QC Verification 100% EOL Test under load
Additional Available Protocols TTL 485, Bluetooth, LIN, CAN