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AS IS - 36V 12.8ah - ECO PACK

AS IS - 36V 12.8ah - ECO PACK

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36V 12.8ah - ECO PACK - 

Tested for Voltage ONLY! These packs generally have about 90 percent capacity left in them.
These are a perfect DIY PACK!
You can turn it into a working 36V with a BMS Swap or connect multiple together for a 72V Battery.
Or tear it down to bare cells if you need the LG MH1 cells, an excellent cell!

Note: The "AS-IS" Packs do not have an XT60 connection.

These packs were pulled out of Bird Scooters and are awesome for EBikes.

They use very high grade LG MH1 Cells that are rated at 3200mah of capacity, and capable of 10A discharge per cell.

These packs are built in a 10S4P Configuration, so the cells are rated to go up to 40A, but the internal fuse limits them to 30A max.

These packs are built extremely durably and safely with internal cell holders, a custom BMS, a very thick and durable outer casing, and sealed off connections.

Can be mounted directly to a frame, or stored in a bag (see pictures). 

This is quite a bit of battery, keep in mind this is 12.8ah. The Swytch ECO Kit is 5ah and their Pro model is 7ah, so it is not far from double the Pro Variant.

Great opportunity for a fair priced high quality battery pack!