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AEB 18650 Cell - Sanyo UR18650VAT - 3000mah 10A - Bulk Discount!

AEB 18650 Cell - Sanyo UR18650VAT - 3000mah 10A - Bulk Discount!

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Finally an affordable, high quality cell for ebike builds!

We got our hands on a batch of unwrapped Sanyo UR18650VAT cells, which are normally not available to the consumer market, they were from a commercial project and never got used.

Brand new never cycled, testing right at the 3000mah mark, giving us 25mohm AC resistance on the meter (right in line with other 10A cells). These stay cool at 5A continuous and get very warm at 10A continuous from a full cycle but stay under their 65 deg C temperature limit even at 10A when exposed to ambient air temps.

Inside of a pack, recommended to run at 5A continuous or less. For example, if you are building a 48V 15AH pack from these, using 5 in parallel, best to keep current below 25A continuous, short peak periods above will be fine. These perform almost identically to the Samsung 33Gs we've been using a lot, but have slightly less capacity (8% or so less).

Remember, Panasonic has bought out Sanyo, so these are often classified as Panasonic-Sanyo, and make some of the most reliable cells in the world. Panasonic is the main production in Tesla vehicles in North America. 

So we insulate and wrap them with our own cell wraps, and offering to our customers at a great price.

1-10 = $5/cell
10-50 = $4/cell
50+ = $3/cell