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72V 38AH Eco Battery Pack - Stealth Bomber - Up to 5KW

72V 38AH Eco Battery Pack - Stealth Bomber - Up to 5KW

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This battery is a 72V 38AH made up from our ECO Packs (6 packs for this battery).

You can find our ECO packs here

These batteries are an awesome way to build a 72V Battery for a Stealth Bomber or similar application. They use high quality LG MH1 Cells that are rated at 3200mah and 10A discharge, giving this pack (20S12P) a whopping 120A discharge, and 38 AH of capacity, while still maintaining a reasonable pricepoint.

These packs just fit into our Stealth Bomber Frames, and we recommend using them in applications around 5KW, perfect for our MXUS + Controller Kit combination.

We use a DALY 72V 60A Continuous 150A Peak BMS in these batteries, and provide a 5A Charger.

We can install whatever type of connectors you'd like, or if you're ordering a complete kit for us we will just make sure we use the best ones and that they all match so they are plug and play for you.

1 Year Warranty on these batteries!