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72 Volt Charger - Adjustable - FAST 2-12 Amps

72 Volt Charger - Adjustable - FAST 2-12 Amps

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Fast Charger for Lithium Ion 72V Batteries

Charges to 84 Volts for 20S(eries) Li-Ion Batteries

Control your current via adjustment knob. Slow charge at 2A for battery health and longevity, or for a small pack. Fast Charge at up to 12A for a fast charge, or for a large battery pack.

Built in Fan, two switches on side, one powers on the charger, the other changes the display from VOLTS to AMPS so that you can see what your current level is, and also what your batteries voltage is currently at.

Please let us know what type of connection you'd like on your charger! We can install any connection for you (XT60 / XT90 / Anderson / DC Barrel 5.5 x 2.1mm / Bullets etc)