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250W - Front MXUS GDF11 - Geared Hub Motor

250W - Front MXUS GDF11 - Geared Hub Motor

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MXUS Front GDF11 - Small and compact!

Perfect for bikes with very small rear rims (16'' / 20'' / 24'') or for light assist on larger rims (26 / 27.5 / 29 / 700c)

Works with 24V / 36V / 48V

This motor is very small and Lightweight (only 2.3kg) and still offers plenty of torque with its high reduction ratio (1:6.3). It is able to install into standard bike frames with 100mm front dropouts, and has a freewheel mounting point / disc brake mount allowing it to be versatile.

A great motor if your bike is restrictive to larger motors (such as having a narrow dropout, like many road or hybrid bikes) or for a bike that is intended for low to moderate assist levels.

More information available here;
GDF-11 (

Pairs well with our 250W Complete Control System