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1KW Rear - Waterproof Hub Motor Kit

1KW Rear - Waterproof Hub Motor Kit

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Wheel Size

Twist Throttle
Thumb Throttle

Magnetic Sensor (Stick-On)
Inline Cable Sensor
Brake Levers w Sensors

Basic Style (Universal)
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2pc Disc w Snapring

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Care Instructions

Please Store Lithium Batteries between 30-70 Percent Charge

Do not Charge Batteries Below Freezing

Check Spokes Regularly for Tension

Components are Water Resistant, not Waterproof!

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Our 1000W Direct Drive Hub Motor Kit!

These motors use a freewheel gearset (thread-on). Not a cassette (slide-on).

135mm dropout, will work in most standard bike frames that have 135-142mm dropouts.

This kit can handle some abuse! This high powered hub can get you motoring around town going as fast as you'd like all day without breaking a sweat.

Direct Drive hubs are great for their reliability, with almost no moving parts internally. They also are able to use regenerative braking, and can be modified for more power with things like Statorade, Hub Sinks, and Shunt Modding the controller (only if you need it!).

These motors top out around 50km/hr, but please be aware of your laws and be safe!

This kit includes;
- 1000W Direct Drive Hub Motor (by Green Pedel)
- KT Controller, 30A Peak Sine Wave
- KT LCD3 Displays everything you need
- 48V / 52V Compatible
- Your Choice of Brake Sensors
- Your Choice of Throttle
- Your Choice of Pedal Assist Sensor
- Necessary Cables

This is the Hub Motor Kit only, this does not include a battery / charger etc.

Don't forget!

- This doesn't include a new gearset, you'll have to remove your old one or buy a new one HERE

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