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1KW-MAX Hub Motor Kit - High Performance Hub Motor Package

1KW-MAX Hub Motor Kit - High Performance Hub Motor Package

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Wheel Size

Twist Throttle
Thumb Throttle

Magnetic Sensor (Stick-On)
Inline Cable Sensor
Brake Levers w Sensors

Basic Style (Universal)
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2pc Disc w Snapring

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Care Instructions

Please Store Lithium Batteries between 30-70 Percent Charge

Do not Charge Batteries Below Freezing

Check Spokes Regularly for Tension

Components are Water Resistant, not Waterproof!

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After much request, it is here!

This is the 1KW-MAX kit. This is our 1000W motor but everything is modified to be able to support nearly 2x the POWER!

We've taken our 1000W hub motor, fully waterproofed the inside of the motor core and stator (with an insulating motor varnish), then added internal ferromagnetic fluid for liquid cooling (Statorade) thanks to our friends over at Grin Technologies (also Canadian!!)

We then modify the controller so that it is pumping out significantly more power, and then completely encapsulate the controller in a thermally (but not electrically) conductive epoxy which allows it to absorb and dissipate its heat tremendously better, this also FULLY WATERPROOFS the controller!

Also included in this kit 
- Choice of Throttle
- Choice of PAS
- Choice of Brake Sensor
- Display
- Necessary Cables / Zip Ties etc.

HIGHLY Recommend using a torque arm! And highly recommend the GRIN TORQARM V4 which we have available (not needed if you already have torque arms).

This package is capable of REGEN braking (C14 parameter on display), you don't need to use it, but if you do, definitely use a very strong torque arm setup.

NOTE! You will need a battery that can SAFELY deliver 60 Amps of current! This is a lot of power and most ebike batteries can not do this. Any of our High Discharge variants can handle this, as well as our XL DP21700 batteries (48V25AH and 52V25AH) but this a lot of power and will trip the overload on most BMS systems that can't handle the power.

This setup provides around 2500W-3000W of peak power depending on battery setup, and works with 48V-52V Systems.

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