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Spot Welder - w Built in Lipo Battery

Spot Welder - w Built in Lipo Battery

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Spot Welder

Comes with Lipo Pack.
Very low cost Spot Welder. Reliable for spot welding 0.10mm - 0.12mm nickel plated strip, max 0.15mm.

Only recommended for building small battery packs, as the battery will run out of juice on anything larger than a 20 cell pack. 

Keep pack charged when not in use, do not let voltage fall below 3.0V. Charge to max 4.2V (USB Cable Provided).

Make sure it is fully charged before beginning, and keep charging during use, ideally with higher amperage USB (2A or 3A).

This Spot Welder is portable, so it is great if you need something that can be taken with you (mobile E-Bike mechanic).

Always use caution when dealing with Lipo packs!