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LG M50 5000mah 21700

LG M50 5000mah 21700

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New LG M50 21700 Cells

These have been sitting at storage charge (3.3V) since 2017 and we have tested them and they are testing new. These are great cells, very high capacity and never cycled!

We only have 1000 cells and once they're gone, they're gone!

5000mah rated capacity


Cells are Clear or Blue Wrapped with Green Insulator Ring, ready for assembly

$6 for single cell
$5.50 20 cells 
$5.00 for 130 cells (original packaging)

Rated for 7.27A discharge, not intended for high current applications

About the same capacity as 
- Samsung 50E
- LG M50LT

Very comparable to Samsung 48G