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Custom Battery Pack (Any Size / Voltage)

Custom Battery Pack (Any Size / Voltage)

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That's right! We build custom Battery Packs.

Even complex batteries are okay! We can use CAD Software to ensure perfect fitment.

Please Contact us at to place order for custom battery.

Depending on the season, our turnaround time for a custom pack is 3 - 10 business days before shipment.

Our battery packs are also competitively priced!

We are currently mainly using building with 18650 and 21700 cells.

For a quick estimate, you can calculate your battery with the following formula.

Battery Pack:
Voltage X Amp-Hours / 2
+ BMS + Charger

For example, a 36 Volt, 20 Amp Hour Pack would be;

36 Volts x 20 Amp Hours = 720 (watt hours)

720 / 2 = $360

Because BMS and Charger specs vary heavily (bluetooth, fast charging), we encourage you to check our site for available options. You can view Chargers Here and BMS Options Here.

We can also order you a custom charger / BMS for your application.