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Brakes - Upgrade to Moto Spec Brakes + Rotors

Brakes - Upgrade to Moto Spec Brakes + Rotors

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For Stealth Bomber Kits Only  - This is an upgrade cost

Upgrade from the Zoom HB876 Brakes to our own sourced "Moto Spec" Brakes.

The Rotors are 25% Thicker, and are a Floating Rotor with an aluminum inner core for better heat dissipation.

The pistons and brake pads are also significantly larger and offer 30% or more higher clamping force.

Also, the brake lines are a stainless steel braided brake line, for improved wear / flexibility, and pre-cut to the proper lengths so installation is a breeze.

These still offer the E-Brake Plugin that will cut motor power and engage the brake light on our lighting systems.

A significant upgrade at a reasonable cost!