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ANT BMS - SMART w Bluetooth - 7S to 16S - 300A Discharge

ANT BMS - SMART w Bluetooth - 7S to 16S - 300A Discharge

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ANT Bluetooth BMS

SIZE : 130mm length, 70mm width, 18mm height

Highly Modular, very popular BMS

Capable of delivering 120A Continuous
(300A Peak)

Able to select your parameters through Bluetooth app such as charge voltage balance, low voltage cutoff, high voltage cutoff, current delivery.

Double layered, 1 layer exclusively for Mosfets.

Can be run on 7S all the way to 16S.

Comes with all required harnesses, dimensions are pictured.

Newest version Android phone APP :

IOS iPhone APP search "antbms" in iPhone APP store.
computer software and manual download link :
copy the link and open in another browser !
it can change language to English in APP .
APP/Computer software level 1- level 4 password : 12345678 or 00000000
APP/Computer software level 5 password : 123456789abc or 000000000000
after vertify level 5 , you can set up parameters

APP connection need to pay attention to these :
1. Activate the bms , the bms bluetooth led is flashing.
2. Must agree to open location persmission when you are installing app . And also remember to open your phone positioning.
3 . Put the phone near bms , some phones need more time . some slow phones need to click several times of connect.

Parameters that need to be set up in app :
Step 1: Select the battery cell type set to the corresponding battery cell type li-ion or lifepo4 or LTO in control page of app, then click save in that page too and can show parameters )
Step 2: Modify the physical capacity the same as real capacity
Step 3: Enter the correct Cell Number in fast setting page (for example, if 20S BMS is connected to 17S, actual number of cell needs to be set to 17)

Only these parameters need to set up . Other parameters we recommend you to use default values .

when you are connecting load or charger , manually turn off Dischrage MOS / Charge MOS in control page of app firstly and click save, then connect load or charger .

APP use and other operations video link :

ecommended to use ANDROID app, download the Zip file and using computer, drag APK file to Android device (rename to APK if needed).

Wiring instructions can be found HERE;