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4 x 21700 - Samsung 50E Cell - DIY Pack

4 x 21700 - Samsung 50E Cell - DIY Pack

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These are what seem to be BRAND NEW Samsung 50E 21700 Lithium Ion Cells

This is a modem pack containing 4 cells.

These are currently the highest capacity cells on the market !! 5000 whopping mah of capacity and 10A of continuous discharge, 14.4A peak makes them incredible for EBike Builds!

The modem packs are used for power outages, so the cells only get used when the power goes out (which may be never). 

We also have these in extracted form available HERE

These are testing identically to the brand new cells that we use to build our packs with (about 4800mah on our cell wall).

Timing myself at a fairly leisurely pace it took 5 minutes to open the pack, and extract each cell and taking off all of the nickel. Simply pinch the pack in a vice at the side of the BMS (where output is) and crack it open, use a flathead screwdriver to pry off the lid, and then the rest comes out very easily.

These are a one time buy so get them before they're gone!

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