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3000W (3Kw) - Rear 26'' Hub Motor Kit - BIG POWER

3000W (3Kw) - Rear 26'' Hub Motor Kit - BIG POWER

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High Powered EBike Conversion Kit

This setup is monstrous hub motor setup, that includes the controller, LCD Display, throttle, pedal assist sensor, and brake levers (sensored).

With a 72V Battery, this setup can tear apart a frame without proper torque arms! Make sure to get proper torque arms for your bike, highly recommend the GRIN V4 Torque arms, or using a standard torque arm and then welding it so that it becomes 1 piece after going onto your frame, to minimize any movement (and shredding open your dropouts).

This setup can allow a bike to travel up to 75km/hr, and have huge torque while doing so. This motor is spec'd pretty close to a QS205, but slightly lighter to be intended for a mountain bike.

- Green Pedel 3000W Rear Motor (72V rated)
- KT 56-90V 18 Moset High Power Controller
- 72V KT LCD3 Display
- Your choice of thumb or twist throttle (message us)
- Pedal Assist Sensor (message us your preference)
- Sensored Brake Levers / Hydraulic Sensors / Inline Cable Sensors (for non-hydraulic)

These make for awesome high speed commuters. When compared to a mid drive, a hub motor is 

- Totally silent
- Does not wear out your driveline
- Will power the bike even without a chain
- Can use regenerative braking
- Internally does not have parts that will wear out (like nylon gears / clutch)
- Can handle HIGH power loads
- Can be modded to handle even crazier power (with Statorade / Hub sinks)

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