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Twist Throttle
Thumb Throttle

Magnetic Sensor (Stick-On)
Inline Cable Sensor
Brake Levers w Sensors

Basic Style (Universal)
Splined Type
2pc Disc w Snapring
External BB Type

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Care Instructions

Please Store Lithium Batteries between 30-70 Percent Charge

Do not Charge Batteries Below Freezing

Check Spokes Regularly for Tension

Components are Water Resistant, not Waterproof!

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They're back! These are the motors from our original Turbo Kit!

We have listened to requests and have upgraded the rim to a very strong and durable SunRingle Wide Rim.

This is a kit including battery (Bundled saves you $50!)
Choose from
18650 Battery Packs
- 52V 16AH (Samsung 33G)
- 52V 19AH (Samsung 33G)
- 60V 16AH (Samsung 33G)
21700 Battery Packs
-52V 21AH (High Discharge)
- 52V 25AH
- 60V 16.8AH (High Discharge)
- 60V 20AH

High Discharge Packs are recommended if you are always going full throttle / max speed. Ie delivery rider or fast commuting.

High Discharge packs will be using Molicel P42A cells, or Samsung 40T (depending on supply)

These motors are unique in that the controllers are built into the motor. The large opening in the centre of the motor that is normally vacant is occupied by a large alumium heat shink plate with the controller expoxied into place. 12 Mosfets and 80V capacitors means that this thing is rated for some serious power! Multi - voltage capable, can run from 36V - 60V nominal!

Even use the SW900 to program the current way down, adjustable from 0-40A. This is nice if you want to let someone ride you bike who might be timid, you can tame it right down!

This is a very powerful motor, with a nice working Pedal Assist setup, and makes for a very clean look. No external controller makes life much easier for a clean install.

At 48V reaches about 50km/hr, 52V reaches 55km/hr, and 60V can top out around 60km/hr. Limited to 2000 Watts max so if you're looking to go faster than that, you'll need to go with a 72V 3KW setup.

This Motor Kit includes
- Motor laced to Sunringle Rim
- All Waterproof Connections Harness
- SW900 Display
- Twist Throttle (can opt for thumb)
- Brake Levers w Sensors
- Splined Pedal Assist Sensor (see pic)

This is a great setup for a fast and stealthy ebike setup.

USES A FREEWHEEL DRIVE. Also this motor is fairly wide! We recommend running a single speed rear if possible. If you have a front triple chainring you can still run a derailleur and use those for your gears. It is possible to run up to 7 speeds but things get very tight. Single speed just makes it much easier, but we have done this motor on a 7 speed setup as well.

No battery included! This is just the motor kit.

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