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1500W Controller - 48V / 52V Sine Wave KT (Kungteng)

1500W Controller - 48V / 52V Sine Wave KT (Kungteng)

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This is an awesome controller for more powerful motors. The motor connection is Z916 but we also have L1019 Adapters to run a huge amount of different motors. We had these controllers custom made for us, so you will most likely not find these elsewhere

1500W Motor Controller (40A at 48V / 52V)
Pedal Assist
Front Light via 1T5 Connection
XT60 Battery Connector
Higo Z916 Motor Connection
Black Anodized

These controllers can have cool features programmed into them with the LCD Displays (LCD 3 / 5 8) such as
- Cruise Control
- Regen Braking
- Current Control
- Pedal Assist Levels
- Speed Limiter
- Throttle Only (no PAS) and allow levels to be throttle gears