Online Store Shutdown May 2nd-9th

Dear valued customers,

It's happened again, we have developed an order backlog that needs to get cleared. So we are closing down the online store from May 2nd-9th.

The E-Bike industry as a whole is seeing a boom of interest! This is a great thing, however we are still learning how to keep up! These first few months of 2021 have seen already double the sales orders of all of 2020 combined.

We are both grateful but guilty, grateful to be apart of a growing industry but guilty because we have always prided ourselves in giving fast and effective service. Last year's E-Bike conversions in Hamilton were on a same or next day service standard, right now we are backed up 4 full weeks.

Hopefully this gives some insight into our decision to close up the online store. We are building our team to meet the growing demand. Your patience with this is highly appreciated.

Thank you all so much for supporting a local Canadian Business. We'll talk to you soon.

Team @